Michael Caisse, Object Modeling Designs

The application was a digital video/event recording system. […] Separate ICL containers were used to capture "activity" for each video stream and event source. As a result, the intersection of various events with video for a specific time span was easily extracted. The library was also used to extract monthly, daily, and hourly "visuals" of recorded data.

[…] In addition to the above use-case I have two other applications that I am eager to apply the library to. I have found that the concept of an interval container shows up in many of my client's domains.

What is your evaluation of the documentation?
Excellent! The documentation was enough to get me going and be successful with the library. I found the tutorials and examples very useful and they provide "food for thought" on implementing various patterns.

What is your evaluation of the potential usefulness of the library?
I have found the library to be very useful and intend to use it on more projects in the very near future.

The complete review can be found here

Eric M. Jonas, PhD Candidate, MIT Brain and Cognitive Sciences. The Soma Project

At the outset, I want to say that I enthusiastically support the inclusion of this library in Boost. I also encourage others without a specific application in mind to check out the library, as there are a lot of fun examples that you might later find useful in other coding projects. […] I develop combined hardware and software systems for recording from high-throughput neural systems. One of the primary challenges we face with such systems is the aggressive demands that 10 GB/hour of time-series data places on a typical workstation when you want to visualize it […] ICL solved this problem for me, in a way that honestly freed me from having to think about a lot of the unsavory low-level details.

What is your evaluation of the potential usefulness of the library?
For my applications, it was crucial -- they would have been far less optimal (both from a software-engineering and asymptotic perspective) without ICL.

The complete review can be found here

Barend Gehrels, Geodan. Author of Boost.Geometry.

This is my review of the Interval Container Library (ICL). YES, I vote +1, this library should be accepted into Boost. It is very very useful. During my review my enthusiasm was only growing. Even if there was a thing confusing on the operators (for me). Yes, I can use this library in real life and it will solve problems for me. […]

The complete review can be found here